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reduced, and the shadows grow. Since we have already checked the direction of the newly formed candlesticks (with the index BAR_count-2 we only need to check the candlestick prior to it (with index BAR_count-3 and perform the steps, necessary to open the position. The previous values are in cells BAR_count-2 1, and earlier bars are in BAR_count-3 0 (see Fig. In the code of this function we will connect the indicator to the Expert Advisor. To do this, we simply place the cursor over the tab, click the right mouse button, and select the appropriate menu item: arbeiten am haus ruhezeiten Figure. To do this we use the methods of class CTrade of the standard class library, which is designed to perform trading operations. As I mentioned above, the standard MetaTrader 5 includes a Heiken_5 indicator.

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Stopped out many times. I did a second backtest which included a trailing stop of the ATR *. To the surprise of the author, he found no other related information in books or the Internet, so he decided to make it available to all traders by publishing it in a journal. Then check the tick volume and if it is greater than one, terminate the function, if not, then continue the calculations. Gemäß Voreinstellung gilt hier 5x die Zeiteinheit des Hauptcharts. Dann wird der verknüpfte HA-Chart automatisch auf 50 Min. We extend our test to the currency pair gbpusd, in order to make final conclusions about the efficiency of our. Strategy Tester Results tab (eurusd H12) It seems that on the currency pair, such as eurusd, our strategy is not effective.

To make the decision, we need to somehow determine whether a consolidation or a reversal is taking place. Einfluss auf die zwei nachfolgenden Parameter: (1) Die, kombination von Zahl und Art der HA-Kerze (bullish oder bearish).